Little Changes of Note

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Little Changes of Note

Post by Celeste Valacari on Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:48 pm

I went in and fixed a few things to make the forum experience just a little better.

First off, you can now have a description for your topic. This allows posters to give a brief description about their topic, so you can draw others in without them having to read the first post.

Secondly, your title can be any length from 1-255 characters, instead of the ten, so your title can be as short as you would like. Please give your posts relevant titles, however.

Thirdly, our site now has an icon instead of that green speech bubble. It's a pokeball, if you look up to the tab. If you have a different suggestion, please tell us.

Fourthly, though I doubt anyone cares, a post will become popular after fifteen posts (a full page) has been filled.

Suggestions are appreciated and very helpful, but anything more than what you see here will have to be discussed between the Admins and Mods.



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