Shizuka Adachi

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Shizuka Adachi

Post by Rebellious Angel on Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:28 pm

Basic Info
Character Name: Adachi, Shizuka
Nickname/Alias: Shizuka
Gender: Female
DOB: 1/25/97
Age: 16
Rank: Rank 4
Major: Cordinator

Physical Description

Height: 5"2
Weight: 114.5 lbs
Hair Color: Dyed black
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Scrawny and pale.
Tattoos/Piercings: She has ear piercings that she puts small grey dots in until contests.
Other: Shizuka usually wears a pair of black jeans and a charcoal colored jacket with black and white high tops. Her hair is a bit messy and often hangs in one eye. She has a spot on her jacket's shoulder where she's sewn on a green circle with a black center.

Her contest outfit consists of her hair being tied back with a green ribbon. She wears black heels and a green knee-length dress. She wears a necklace with a tear shaped emerald as the main piece. She also has small emerald-stud earrings.

Likes: Contests, Just-for-fun battles, ghost pokemon, and spring.
Dislikes: Serious battles, being questioned,  storms, and summer.
Goals: To meet more ghost type pokemon and show the world that even scary things have a beautiful side.
Fears: That people find her scary.
Other: Shizuka is a very friendly girl, she's just shy. She loves to hang out with friends. Her usual attire is a form of protest. People will find that despite the fact that she looks off-putting she is very sweet and polite.

Background Information
Birthplace: Johto region.
Known Relatives: Her father and sister.
Friends/Allies: None yet.
Enemies/Rivals: none yet.
Pokémon: A male Shupet named Kuro. (Lvl 6)
Notes: Shupet stands... Er... Floats? At average size. He is a happy pokemon and has been with Shizuka since she was little. He can be shy, taking awhile to warm up to people.

History: Shizuka was born silent. She did not cry, which worried the doctors. She didn't let out her first whine for ten minutes. For this her parents gave her the name Shizuka, meaning quiet.

She grew up happy, often watching pokemon contests on TV. At age 5 her mother mysteriously vanished. (At least that's what her father told her. We can assume her mother has died and "Papa", as she calls him, had no way to explain.)

Around age 8 she began to hear noises in the walls of her room. She was frightened to see small eyes peering at her all the time. Those eyes haunted her dreams for almost a month before she discovered the cause.

One night, she saw it. A shadowy figure that was slowly approaching her, the same eyes that had haunted her for a month were now staring her strait in the eyes. Panicking she screamed for her father. Her sister, who was asleep in the other room, ran in and switched on the light. Her father wasn't far behind. Floating behind a toy box was a wild Shupet. It was as afraid of Shizuka as she was of it.

Oddly, she found it cute. After her father told her she was too young for a pokemon of her own he sent the shupet away. But every night was the same thing. Scream. Turn on the light. Shupet was hiding in a random spot. After 6 sleepless nights, her father gave in and reluctantly brought her home a pokeball. He told her that if she could get the Shupet in the ball, it was hers. That night she stayed awake and waited for the pokemon. When it appeared, she asked it if it would like to say with her. The happy pokemon was captured and named Kuro. They have been together ever since.

Shizuka's dad soon noticed that his daughters had a liking for different things. Shizuka liked to watch contests while her younger sister enjoyed watching her friends pokemon fight. Deciding that the girls needed to learn, he asked what they wanted to do when they grew up. Their answers were obvious and at 16 and 13 the sisters picked a major and were sent to the Academy.

Additional Info
•The unnamed sister may become a character of mine as well.
•Shizuka's speach shall be green.
•Shizuka loves contests and knows a lot about them, but has never competed.
•Shizuka and Kuro don't often battle together but that's because none of Shizuka's friends had pokemon back home. (She had like 3. So it's possible. xD)

Sample RP: Shizuka was treading down a dirt road, Kuro floating happily behind her. She loved days like this. It wasn't too hot or too cold. It was pretty early but she was excited. She was leaving home to become a coordinator tomorrow and had to say goodbye to her friend Madison. She was going to miss home but she would soon have a new home where she could practice for contests and meet new people and pokemon. She pulled a hand from her pocket and knocked on her friend's door.

Madison had answered, her mom still sleeping, and stepped outside. "I can't believe this is our last day together!" Madison exclaimed sadly.

"I know, and I have to spend most of it finishing packing." Shizuka sighed heavily. Kuru nudged Madison in a somber way. It had taken a long time for him to warm up to Madison but in the end the two became almost as close as he was with Shizuka.

"I'll miss you too, Kuro." Madison laughed, which turned into the two laughing happily as though the trio wasn't about to be separated by anything. It reminded her of when Kuro would hide from Madison or keep his distance.

Her dad appeared and looked at Shizuka. Signaling that it was time to go pack. She wasn't ready to go but she had no choice. "I have to go. Keep in touch?" She said hugging Madison.

"Deffinatly!" Madison replied hugging back.

Madison waved as Shizuka and Kuro vanished with her father. It was a sad day for sure.

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Re: Shizuka Adachi

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