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Gaffey Patches

Post by Gaffey on Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:56 pm

[big][big]Basic Info[/big][/big]
Character Name: Gaffey Patches (last, first)
Nickname/Alias: Gaff
Gender: Male
DOB: July 1st
Age: 16
Rank: Rank 4
Major: Trainer

[big][big]Physical Description[/big][/big]


Height: 5,6.
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Build: Fairly built.
Tattoos/Piercings: None

Likes: Laughing, Running, Darkness, Climbing, Friends.
Dislikes: Water, Light, Hate, Nightmares, Books.
Goals: Making the world laugh.
Fears: Water and Hate
Other: Very random and kind

[big][big]Background Information[/big][/big]
Birthplace: Unova Region
Known Relatives: None
Friends/Allies: None
Enemies/Rivals: None
Lvl 10 Froslass aka Frosty

Lvl 9 Houndour aka Pup

Lvl 12 Chimchar aka Champ

Froslass: Frosslass is 4,6. instead of 4,3 in height
Chimchar: A bit more hyper active than a normal chimchar but still is the same size as a normal chimchar
Houndour: Is 3,0. instead of 2,0. in height

History: Gaffey is your average young Pokemon trainer with a dream of being the very best. His farther and mother are both very busy with there jobs and rarely have time for Gaffey, he started to become very lonely then the day came when he got his first Pokemon Chimchar. The Chimchar was found injured and alone in a forest, the two instantly bonded with each other and never left each others side . Gaffey was so happy to have a friend and wanted everyone to feel the way he did so he set off on a mission to make everyone be happy. On his adventure he met many intresting Pokemon the most intresting of all was a large Froslass he met in a frozen cave, it was the most amazing Pokemon he ever met and he knew he had to catch it. Before he could even get out a Pokeball the Froslass was attacked by a Houndour, Gaffey knew he had to help the Froslass so he sent out his Chimchar and a large battle began. After a hour of fighting both his Chimchar and the wild Houndour were injured badly, quickly he took out a pokeball and captured the Houndour and than retrieved Chimchar. He than checked to see if the Froslass was okay, surprisingly it never left the cave and had stayed behind Gaffey the whole time. When it knew the battle was over it gave Gaffey a hug, Gaffey decided that now would be the best time to catch it so he threw out another Pokeball and the Froslass accepted the capture knowing that Gaffey would care for it. After that huge battle Gaffey instantly rushed to the nearest Pokemon center to heal his Chimchar, Froslass and Houndour after they were healed Gaffey decided to go home. When he went home he was quickly greeted with a hug, his parents had gotten home earlier than expected and were shocked to find he wasn't there, he told them he was fine than told them about his adventure he had in the ice cave. Soon he began to adventure more often, battling many different trainers and pokemon he rarely used Houndour because it would always not listen or attack with it's own will. Gaffey's name soon spread across the unova region and he became fairly known and had caught the attention of the Rensei Pokemon Academy.

[big][big]Additional Info[/big][/big]
Sample RP: Gaffey walks into the cave in which he found Froslass and Houndour. "I remember this place" he than took out the Pokeballs containing Froslass, Chimchar and Houndour "Okay guys come on out" he than tossed the Pokeballs into the air releasing them all "Now you guys behave yourselves" he than sat down and watched as his Froslass and Chimchar played with each other whilst Houndour yawned and fell asleep. Gaffey tries to pat Houndour on the back but is instantly growled at, After a few minutes it started to get dark and he decides to leave. "Froslass Return! Chimchar Return! Houndour Return!!" when he retrieved all the Pokemon he rushed off to his home.


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Re: Gaffey Patches

Post by Princess Sarah on Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:03 pm


Welcome to the site Gaffey-Kun.

Happy RP ^w^
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