Kaito Saiyuka

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Kaito Saiyuka

Post by Sweet Dreams on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:58 am

Basic Info
Character Name: Saiyuka, Kaito
Nickname/Alias:Kai, White Eyes, Beast
DOB: October 24
Rank:Rank 5
Major: Coordinator

Physical Description

Weight:150 lbs
Hair Color:Dark Blue
Eye Color:White
Build:Tall and lean with musacls, it is wondered how he can eat so much without gaining a single pound.
Tattoos/Piercings:wears a Dragons fang earring on his left ear and a large tribe tattoo that covers his back.
Other:He has a large jagged scar over his right eye and some minor damage to it so he has a hard time seeing out of it.

Likes:Food of any kind, Cool or strange Pokemon, Naps ,Pokey (Strawberry the most)
Dislikes:Schoolwork, An empty stomach, Wasting food
Goals:Eat more then a Snorelax
Make the unlimited Contest move combo
Arm-wrestle a Machocke and Win
Fears:Zangoose, Starvation, being unable to protect his Pokemon
Other:Can be rather silly and laded back normally, but when hungry he can become very scary and violent.

[u]Background Information
Known Relatives:Uncle
Father –Unknown
Friends/Allies: His Uncle
Pokémon Litwick-Lvl  8- Hades
Ponyta-Lvl  5- Flicker

Notes Hades after enjoys sneaking up on people or Pokémon having even dropped from the ceiling on occasion but see it as a form of greeting never really meaning to scary anyone.
Flicker is a shy timid Ponyta having a hard time getting use to even the most innocent of Pokémon and well often shy away from other humans.
History:Kaito was given up to his father’s Brother Mako Saiyuka when he was only a few hours old. Unwanted by his parents he was taken in by Mako, who tried his best to raise him up right. Kaito had what he called a “Strange” Childhood. His uncle trained him hard every day to make him stronger.

When Kaito was young he went out to capture his first Pokémon, he wanted one that not many trainer often had. That was went he came crossed a Seviper and decides to catch it and making it is first Pokémon. But before he could do so a Zangoose appeared and the two had started to fight trying to end the others life. Kaito being the young fool he was (and still is) Tried to separate the two Pokémon, but his actions were in vain. The Seviper was killed and Kaito almost lost his right eye to the claws of the Zangoose.

After a few months in the hospital and therapy Kaito decided to try again for his first Pokémon. This time he went to a nearby building on the outskirts of a town in Unova he had been visiting with his uncle for business reasons. This Building had been said to be home to many ghost Pokémon of all kinds. But when he got there he found none…well none but a small Litwick. Kaito upon hearing about these life stealing pokemon tried to avoid it at all costs. But after many hours of the Pokémon droping in on him (literally a few times) Kaito learned that all the ghost Pokémon had left and the little Litwick had be forgotten in the large move.

Feeling sorry for the small Pokémon, he decided to capture it saying that everyone needs a family and that family should never be left behind, hearing this Litwick cried happily as it was captured and was given the name Hades.

Six months later Kaito was gifted a Ponyta for his birthday saying she had been left to fend for herself by her last trainer and needed a good family. This shy Pokémon took a while before it warmed up to Kaito. Noticing how her mane and tail flickered to small flames when shy or scared he named her Flicker.

Kaito decided to join the academy to become a Coordinator instead of a Trainer (as he is often mistaken to be) from the fact that he likes how every aspect of a Pokémon is judged in contests not just their strength.

Additional Info
Sample RP:Kaito yawns and sits up, the leaves rustled in the trees above him. He stood slowly and cracked his back before giving another yawn. “Man..what a good nap..” He says before throwing two pokeballs into the air.

Out pops a small Litwick and a Ponyta who both yawns softly. “Alright you two enough laying about! Lets Go explore!” He says earning a cheer from Hades the Litwick but only a tiny cry from Flicker “Hey Flicker…It’s going to be alright…I know new places can be scary but I’m sure everyone is really nice here…”

Flicker looked up at him worried as he stroked her fire mane, it was warm to the touch yet didn’t burn him.” We just have to give this place a chance first, just like you gave me a chance to be your friend remember?” To this the Ponyta gave a small cry and a nod as if to say she would give it a shot. “That’s the spirit! Alright then lets goooo!~” He says as he takes off running with Flicker running close behind Hades riding on her back.


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Re: Kaito Saiyuka

Post by Princess Sarah on Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:20 am

I like your OC, but your missing a fancy word at the bottom dear ^o^

(Also, is coordinator a thing you can do!?)
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Re: Kaito Saiyuka

Post by Princess Sarah on Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:16 am


Happy RP ^w^

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Re: Kaito Saiyuka

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