This search was a real "Flop"

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This search was a real "Flop"

Post by CloudChaser on Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:38 pm

Terri entered the cave holding a lantern that could be charged by a crank to keep the light going. His intent was to hopefully catch a Pokemon for research later on in his classes. He made sure to bring six pokeballs and 10 potions as well as an escape rope. He knew with his current Pokemon, a Magikarp, his journey in would be dangerous.

"Well... here it goes..." Terri stepped forward and with that step started his search.

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Re: This search was a real "Flop"

Post by Butterfly on Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:51 pm

Eliaa Mizuni saw a soft light, which was swiftly followed by a voice. She stood immediately, backing against the cave wall, hoping he wouldn't notice her. She had come to this cave to be alone, why couldn't she just have that? Guess not.

While she was standing hastily, her foot caught on a small pebble, which decided to fling itself across the cave and smack into the other wall. Cursing silently to herself, Eliaa froze in her spot, watching the faint light. She heard a bark from her right, and moved her pointer finger to lips, hoping Doom-her houndour, could see her. A growl came from behind her, followed by a light orange flame.

"Snap!" She whispered angrily, "What are you doing?" The growlithe shrank back, his flame fading to darkness as he looked at his master apologetically.


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