Rina Adachi

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Rina Adachi

Post by Rebellious Angel on Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:18 pm

Basic Info
Character Name: Adachi, Rina
Nickname/Alias: Rina/Jas
Gender: Female
DOB: 3/16/00
Age: 13
Rank: Rank 4
Major: Trainer

Physical Description

Height:  4"11
Weight:  104 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Petite
Tattoos/Piercings: Nope.
Other: Rina is a short girl with long blonde hair and fair skin. She usually has her hair in two pony tails and wears a white vizor-hat with red lining. She likes white tank-tops with red linings and red shorts with white linings. Her shoes are white tennis shoes.

If she has to dress up she wears a long, old timey styled, red dress and makes two big curls in her pony tails. She hares this outfit and often has to be forced to wear it.

Likes: Battling, all kinds of Pokemon (the exception being bug types), anything sweet, ADVENTURE!
Dislikes: Bug types, people who are mean to Pokemon or other people, loosing.
Goals: Become a teacher at the academy.
Fears: Being attacked without Chikako around, Heights, and bugs!(you saw that coming right?)
Other: Rina is a very sweet girl, often making friends everywhere she goes. She usually has a smile on her face and a kind attitude. However, she isn't afraid to speak her mind and is likely to face up to anyone who hurts another person or Pokemon.  If she feels that someone is harming their Pokemon physically or mentally, she's likely to step in and confront them.

Background Information
Birthplace: Johto
Known Relatives: Papa and Shizuka Adachi
Friends/Allies: None yet
Enemies/Rivals: None yet
Pokémon Level 8 Mawile(Chikako)
Notes Chikako has been with Rina for about three years. She's almost always supporting Rina 100%, even in the small stuff. If Rina get's hurt, Chicako is there to dry her tears and get help. She is headstrong and doesn't always know when to stop, even when told. Often times she gets back up when the odds are far beyond reasonable. This often causes Rina and herself problems.
History: Rina grew up with her sister Shizuka and their father, as a few years after her birth her mother mysteriously vanished. At least that's what her father told her when she'd ask why they had no mama. (Again. We can assume she's dead.)

When she was 5 her sister got a Pokemon. Rina instantly fell in love with the idea and began to watch older kids battle with their Pokemon. She vowed that when she got old enough she'd catch a Pokemon of her own.

Over the years she watched people battle and studied strategies for awhile. When she was 10 she was finally allowed to have her own Pokemon, which she found unfair because Shizuka got her Pokemon at age 8 due to circumstance. She saved up money and bought a pokeball. After searching for a long time she couldn't find any Pokemon she liked.

A few days after giving up she went to the park to play. A man was yelling at his Pokemon and the poor thing was tearing up. He was telling it it was too weak and that it'd never be successful. This made Rina mad and she stormed over to the man, scolding him and telling him that the Pokemon shouldn't be told things like that. To which the man replied, "Yeah? Who are you to tell me, an adult, right from wrong? I guess this is wrong too huh?" before releasing the Pokemon for good and walking away.

Rina convinced the crying Pokemon to come home with her to rest and her father identified it as a female Mawile. The Mawile quickly warmed up to Rina's sweet personality that contrasted with it's previous owner's cruel words. Rina soon claimed the Pokemon as her own and named it Chikako.

A few years later her and her sister were offered an opportunity to join the academy and pick a major. She picked to become a Trainer and at ages 13 and 16 her and her sister went off together.

Additional Info
Sample RP: Rina was looking around in the bushes for Chikako. She couldn't see her anywhere. The two had been playing hide and seek and Rina had wandered a but too far. "Chikako? Where are y-" Her call was intrupted by a pokemon's cry. Not just any pokemon though, a Mawile. Rina immediately rushed to find Chikako had fallen into a large hole. The park must have been building something there. Rina began to dig in her pockets for a pokeball. She tried to return the pokemon but it was too far. Eventually a passer by gave her a hand by lowering her into the hole and then pulling the two back out. She thanked the man and walked home. They were exhausted from their mini adventure.

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Re: Rina Adachi

Post by Princess Sarah on Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:49 pm


Have fun ^v^

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