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Sara Risley

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Basic Info

Character Name: Risley, Sara
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
DOB: December 25, 2000
Age: 13
Rank: Rank 5
Major: Trainer

Physical Description

Height: 59" (4', 11") or 149.9 cm (1.499 m)
Weight: 98.2 lbs (44.5428 kg)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
Build: Shorter and smaller, thin but not underweight.
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Other: Wears some hair ribbons on both sides of her head, as seen in the picture. She changes this with the colors of the ranks.


Likes: Cute Pokémon, drawing, playing music, silence (unless it's awkward silence... who likes that?), friends, crafts, winning, smiles, happiness, doodling, story-writing, beautiful/pretty Pokémon, good grades, projects, mementos, cat-like Pokémon, strong relationships with her Pokémon, respect (for others, and for herself), positive attitude., gifts (giving and receiving), harmless pranks, candy (mostly bubblegum!).
Dislikes: Ghost-types, creepy Pokémon, creepy people, artist's/writer's block, people judging her badly without good reason, judging a "book by it's cover," loneliness, obnoxious/annoying people, harsh jokes, dishonesty, too much attention, people flattering her, people looking at her drawings, bossiness, boasters, negative attitude, boredom.
Goals: To find (and possibly befriend) BUT NOT CAPTURE a legendary Pokémon. (Mostly Shaymin or Keldeo)
Fears: Death (duh?), getting injured (Another "duh?"), harming a Pokémon (emotionally), harming a person (physically and emotionally).
Other: Sara is quirky and fun, but she can also be serious. She takes her grades and work seriously, and is a hard worker. She is positive and knows how to make her friends laugh and lighten up the mood!

Background Information
Birthplace: Floaroma Town (Sinnoh)
Known Relatives: None
Friends/Allies: Not yet
Enemies/Rivals: Not yet
Pokémon (Starting Limit is 3 lvl 1 to 10 only)
  Spitfire (Lv. 7, Male)

Notes Um. Not really needed... Just an average Cyndaquil...
History: Sara grew up in a nice household, but wanted to sharpen her skills as a trainer. However, she often procrastinated, and only trained her Pokémon a few levels. Though this did not get her Pokémon noticeably stronger, she spent some time with it, caring and playing with her Cyndaquil often. They formed a strong bond and she never puts him away in a Pokéball, let alone the Pokémon Storage! Spitfire and she now share many memorable times and have a strong relationship. Watching competitive battles, Sara was once again fascinated with the strong Pokémon, and how powerful every move was. She dedicated the past year to training, and now has a dream to become a great trainer, along with sighting and/or befriending some powerful and rare Pokémon! She now joins the Academy with bright hopes and an eager feeling of anticipation.

Additional Info
Sample RP:

"Go, Spitfire!"

The small Pokémon steps forward, ready to have a battle.

The opposing Pokémon stood at the ready, also. A level 3 Caterpie was their opponent for this battle.

Sara smiled, her Pokémon would finally get some training. She looked at Spitfire, who was awaiting her order.

"Use Smokescreen!"

The lively flames on the Cyndaquil's back burned brighter, emitting smoke and surrounding the Caterpie. It would surely not see well, let alone aim, in the dense black cloud.

"Good Job!" Sara praised her partner.

The Caterpie used String Shot, but missed Spitfire due to his Smokescreen used earlier.

"Now use Tackle!" The young trainer said.

The loyal Pokémon obeyed her orders, and tackled the Caterpie, and landing a critical hit to impress her. After the move was preformed, Spitfire stepped back, waiting for the outcome of his attack. 

The Caterpie was defeated, and the Cyndaquil hopped onto his trainer's shoulder, now level 7.

"Yes!" Sara shouted at nobody in particular. "One more level toward evolution!"


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