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Kristian Hunter

Post by relyt512 on Mon May 19, 2014 9:05 pm

Basic Info
Character Name:Kristian Hunter
Nickname/Alias: Chris or Hunter
Gender: Male
DOB: 4/24/2014
Age: 15
Rank: 4
Major: Trainer

Physical Description

Weight: 127 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Build: Muscular upper body, less muscular legs
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Other: Wears a band around the head like in the picture, changes according to rank (White, black, Grey, Gold).

Likes: Food, Battles, Winning, Music (instrumental or orchestral), Knowledge
Dislikes: Losing (Lets be honest, who does), Too much noise, idiocy
Goals: To be recognized as a great trainer
Fears: Darkness, Failure, The Unknown, falling
Other: Kristian is a pretty nice guy. Calm to hang around and always ready for a battle. Though of course he can be serious when common sense dictates.

Background Information
Birthplace: Lavaridge (Hoenn)
Known Relatives: None
Friends/Allies: None
Enemies/Rivals: None
Pokémon Elroy(Chimchar) lvl 8 (Starting Limit is 3 lvl 1 to 10 only)
Notes This pokemon is just a normal Chimchar.
History: Kristian only got his Chimchar about 1/2 a year ago, but he's been training him up. Unfortunately the only pokemon around him were fire types (dont ask how he found a Chimchar in Lavaridge) so not much leveling acchived, however the Chimchar he raised grew very close to him. As a result his Chimchar is his goto pokemon in battles.

Additional Info
Sample RP:
"Go Elroy!"
The pokeball is thrown, revealing Elroy, a Chimchar.
Across from them is a Torkoal, their opponent found in the cave outside the town.
"Elroy use Leer!"
Elroy gave the Torkoal an angry look causing him to be scared and drop his guard.
"Great, now hit him with scratch!"
Elroy ran over to the still-scared Torkoal and slashed at him with his hand causing small grooves in the belly of the Torkoal.
But Torkoal recovered quickly from the blow and used Heat Wave, slaming Chimchar in the face with pure heat.
"Elroy! Use scratch again"
Elroy nods then dashes over to the Torkal giving him the final blow with a fast swipe of his paw.
Torkoal is knocked over obviously down for the count
"Good Job Elroy!"
Elroy leveled up to lvl 8!
"Nice! Now its only eight more to go until you can evolve buddy!"


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