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Arthur Loik

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Basic Info
Character Name: Loik, Arthur
Nickname/Alias: His friends often called him Loik when he was at Nimbasa, seeing as it rolls off the tongue, unlike his first name, Arthur.
Gender: Male
DOB: 19/6/1995
Age: 19
Rank: 4
Major: Poké Professor

Physical Description
Height: 5.9 FT
Weight: 16 ST
Hair Color: Dark blonde.
Eye Color: Light turquoise.
Build: Arthur has a fairly bulky build, but most of that comes from his broad shoulders
Other: Arthur usually wears some kind of second layer of clothing over his current shirt/T-shirt, IE: Hoodie, or some kind of jacket or sweater.

Likes: Studying (specifically with the help of his Pokémon), talking with friends in spare time, occasionally venturing to a Pokémon habitat.
Dislikes: Running, Pokémon abuse, people who laugh at his theory.
Goals: To prove his theory that all the regions were once one giant landmass.
Fears: Arthur has always feared that he might be undone by his studies, when he was on a field trip to Sinnoh, he fell unconscious during a blizzard, and would have died if it wasn't for the help of a passing local.
Other: Arthur isn't really a morning person, and often needs a coffee to wake himself up.

Background Information
Birthplace: Arthur was born in Nimbasa city, but moved to Castelia due to his father getting a new job there.
Known Relatives: Nadia Loik is Arthurs mother, Leaf Loik is Arthurs father and Lisa Loik is his sister.
Friends/Allies: None
Enemies/Rivals: None
Pokémon Thinker: Elgyem LVL 9
Notes: Thinker is almost always in sync with Arthur, when one gets an idea, the other is soon to follow.
History: Arthur was always interested in the habitats of Pokemon. as a child, he would search all the different areas in his town that could be called a 'habitat' (including the kitchen fridge).
As he grew older, he started to become increasingly interested in the geology of the world of Pokemon, and the distribution of Pokemon in it. He came to Rensei academy to further his research in both of the subjects, hoping to find evidence to prove his theory that at one time, all regions were once connected as one giant landmass. He said farewell to his family in Castelia city, and made his way to Rensei academy with his two pokemon that he found and befriended on his journey.

Sample RP: Arthur Looked up from the map to see Thinker levitating a mug of coffe onto the coaster to the left of him and smiled at the Elgyem.
"Thanks, thinker. Say, I've recently been looking at the larvitar line of pokemon, and they are only found in Kalos, Kanto and sinnoh. And all sightings of them have been around, or in, cave systems; which draws me to the conclusion that as well as the regions being connected, maybe the cave systems were as well. And maybe the larvitar family were all in one cave system, but as time went on, and Regigigas pulled the regions apart, perhaps it pulled the cave systems as well, splitting the larvitar family into three regions. What do you think?"
The Elgyem floated over to the map and observed the map, along with the frantic scribbles and random notes sprawled across it, before nodding and pointing towards the center of the map which had a small circle around it.
"Eleeyg?" the Elgyem seemed to want to know why he drew a circle in the middle.
"That is the supposed 'point of origin' also known as the faraway island, where the legendary Pokémon Mew is said to reside, and also where I plan to go to very soon" Arthur pulled out a ticket that had the words 'F.A island' printed on it. The elgyem lit up all the orbs on its body in excitement. "But for now, we have to get some sleep, so I'm 'gonna go get about four hours of sleep" he chuckled to himself as he walked over to his bunk "Well, I wish you a good night" he said as he put his head on the pillow, and as the elgyem lied down on the mattress on his bunk.  

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