Sora Nicolita

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Sora Nicolita

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Basic Info
Character Name:Nicolita, Sora
Nickname/Alias: Sora, Nikki
Gender: Female
DOB: 12/12/01
Age: 12
Rank: Rank 4
Major: Trainer

Physical Description

A picture edited:

Height: 4'3
Weight: 60 lbs.
Hair Color: Light blue
Eye Color: Bright red due to a birth defect
Build: Short, thin, weak-looking. Looks a like a little girl
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Other: Sora usually wears white dresses with light blue flats and a light blue ribbon around her waist.

Likes: Water, adventure, learning, electric type pokemon, open spaces, nice people, grass, sun, moon, the night, laughing, singing, her pokemon
Dislikes: Caves, tight spaces, mean people, scary adults, scary things, nightmares
Goals: Train at least 3 pokemon to level 30. Find a best friend, become best friends with her pokemon
Fears: Dark type pokemon, the dark, caves, people yelling
Other: Sora is very nice, and prefers to never judge anyone before she gets to know them. Most people are drawn to Sora because she's sweet and innocent, but then again, most are scared off by her red eyes

Background Information
Birthplace: Sinnoh
Known Relatives: None
Friends/Allies: Gaffey Patches, Nexon Flicker, Elena Anna
Enemies/Rivals: None
Pokémon Shinx (name: Lecty, Lvl 10) and Eevee (Name: Nikki lvl 9)

Notes Lecty is regular size but has a small nick in her right ear, and a scar on her nose. She is very playful and kind. Nikki has extremely soft fur and is a tiny bit smaller than normal, but makes up for it with her bouncy attitude.
History: Sora was born somewhere in Sinnoh, but the exact location is unknown as she was given up at birth. She was taken to an orphanage on the edge of the island, and dropped off on the doorstep. The orphanage took her in and raised her well. Though most of the kids bullied her because she was different. They were scared of her red eyes, but it wasn't her fault. But when she was 9 she began to feel trapped, as the people in charge didn't give the children much freedom. So Sora snuck out through her window and climbed down a tree during the night, rushing away into the dark.

But, while she was running, she tripped and fell on a tree root. She began to hear noises surrounding her. She was terrified, but before she could get up and leave, a small pokemon leaped out of the brush. Instead of attacking the scared little girl, the small blue-black cat like creature curled up next to her and purred. Sora, unsure of what to do, placed a slender hand on the pokemon's back. The pokemon's fur was soft, and Sora laid her head next to it. Next thing she knew, she was waking up to a green grassy field bathed in sunlight. The pokemon was awake, waiting for the girl to get up.

When Sora stood, so did the animal. When Sora walked, the creature followed. And so Sora went on her way with the little guy in her wake. They came across a small town, and the residents informed Sora that the pokemon was a Shinx. They were rather impressed that Sora had managed to keep the shinx with her. One of the store managers  gave her a pokeball for free. Sora thanked him kindly and continued on her way. She wasn't looking for anything in particular, but she didn't want to go alone. So she left the town and walked a while with the shinx. It took her a while, but she decided upon a name for the pokemon. Since it was an electric type, she thought it fitting to name it Lecty.

She came across a larger city, and discovered a pokemon academy. She attended it for a few months, but decided it wasn't right for her. Though she learned plenty from it, such as how to care for Lecty, and how to identify pokemon. Sora took one of the books with her when she left, so she could recognize certain pokemon. One that particularly interested her was one called Eevee. So she set out to look for it. She also took a few pokeballs, just in case.

Having learned how to control her pokemon and to fight with it, Sora searched in the tall grass for an eevee. It took her a long time, but she managed to find one. Upon capturing it with the pokeball, she ran to a pokecenter to heal Lecty and her newly caught eevee. Once they were healthy again, Sora let the eevee out of the ball. She played with it, and let Lecty run around with it too. After a thoughtful process, Sora came up with a name for the eevee as well. She had heard the name a few times in the city, and the pokemon seemed to like it. So the eevee was now Nikki.

Sora traveled everywhere with her companions, learning with them and battling with them. They grew close, and rarely leave each others' sides. While travelling, they came across another pokemon academy, one of the name Rensei. Sora, with her love of learning, decided to give academies another chance and so she joined.

Additional Info
Sample RP:

Sora silently pushed the window up, looking back and forth to make sure nobody would notice. Everyone else lay silent in their beds, sleeping soundly. She carefully pulled herself into a seating position on the window sill, her legs hanging out in the open. She gave herself one last look before leaping away from the building and landing on the tree in front of her. After finding a way down, she stood on the soft green grass bathing in moonlight. Sora grinned, she was finally free.

She began to run, her small feet barely making a sound. She ran through trees, and skirted around the long grass. The moon was almost right above her, and Sora's eyes began to droop. She could barely keep them open, but still, she stumbled onward. The sounds of the night consumed her, the crickets, the wind, the owls, all the animals seemed to close in on her.

Sora heard a cry, a soft, whimpering sound. Brushing it off, she continued. But as soon as she stopped, a small, black and blue creature leaped out of the brush. It stood in front of her, eyes wide and hopeful. "Hey there little guy." she said softly, bending down on her knees to seem less menacing and holding out her hand. The pokemon sniffed her slender fingers. After deciding she was harmless, the shinx let its tongue hang out and curled up next to Sora.

"Tired?" Sora laughed quietly, lying down as well. She drifted off to sleep soundly.


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Re: Sora Nicolita

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Huggles and rainbow kittens dear Butters.

The app is sweet. I look forward to seeing how she turns out in an RP with some of the odd characters she is bound to run into on the forum XD
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