Yuki Seito

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Yuki Seito

Post by Sweet Dreams on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:21 am

[big][big]Basic Info[/big][/big]
Character Name: Seito, Yuki
DOB: December 08
Age: 17
Rank:Rank 4

[big][big]Physical Description[/big][/big]

Weight:100 Ibs
Hair Color: A silvery white, always seems to be tossed by the wind, short.
Eye Color: A deep forest green behind black framed glasses
Build: At 5’4 with snow white skin Yuki is what most people call “Adorable”. She is very thin for her age, even for a girl her size.
Tattoos/Piercings:A small stitched and bandaged heart over the scar where her heart is.
Other: Yuki often wears an oversized purple and black sweater the sleeves so large they slide over her hands, a pair of faded blue jeans and a pair of old black running shoes. A necklace with a mini pokeball hangs from her neck, which belongs to her Ralts.
She is very weak from a heart condition she has had since childhood. She also has a scar from when she got a heart Operation.

Likes: Helping Pokémon, Reading, Taking naps in the shade, Anything sweet, Cooking, Sing to her Pokémon.
Dislikes: Pokémon Poachers, Bullies, People who force a Pokémon to do something they don’t wish to do, Large crowds, Deep Water and Sharp Objects.
Fears:Large Crowds, Deep Water, Thunderstorms, Sharp Objects and Needles
Other: Yuki is shy but one of the most kind hearted people you could ever met, but also rather quiet, often not even able to meet the eyes of a person she is taking to. Around Pokémon she is different; she is more talkative, often enjoying the company of Pokémon over other humans

[big][big]Background Information[/big][/big]
Birthplace: Sinnoh- Jubilife City
Known Relatives:None
Friends/Allies:Her Pokemon
Pokémon Ralts-Gemini- lvl 7
Absol-Loki-Lvl 10
Teddiursa-Lulu-Lvl 1
Notes Gemini is a very kind Ralts, almost motherly. Often making friends with humans and trainers alike by offering berries. She wishes she was a shiny often wearing blue things and one time covered herself in blue paint and sparkles.
Loki isn’t very trusting to those outside of his teammates, He has a long jagged scar running down his spine he got as a pup.
Lulu is only a few days old She has a lightning bolt scar on top of each paw from when Yuki found her egg, it had a lightning shape crack on both sides..
History:Yuki never knew her parents and grew up alone in Jubilife City, She was placed in the care on the hospital when she was reviled to have a rare heart dieses. She was often to sickly to play with the other children, and besides the doctors and nurses and their pokemon she never had any visitors.
Then on her 13th birthday, she asked for something a little strange. She asked for an egg, a pokemon egg. She would often spend time reading books about Pokémon and learned they come from eggs. Since she couldn’t go out and catch her own she would hatch one instead. So a few days later she was given a green egg with a white bottom and a red spot on both sides. She poured her heart and soul into the care of that little egg reading it books about shinys and their colors, of brave pokemon and how they saved hundreds of lives. But soon Yuki became sick; her heart was giving out, losing the battle it had been fighting for years. And as she grew sickly so did the egg, it was reacting to Yuki in a way that puzzled many of the doctors. Then one day Yuki started to get better  after having a transplant and so did the egg. One morning she woke up and turned to her egg to say good morning like she always did when she noticed her egg was glowing, she reached out to touch it and just as she did it exploded into a shining bright light. When she looked back the egg was gone and in its place was a with pokemon with green bowl like hair and a red horn. A Ralts, who she named Gemini. They became fast friends and finding other friends along the way.  

[big][big]Additional Info[/big][/big]
Sample RP:Yuki stepped off the Ferry and gave a sigh of relief, she hated boats, you use boats to cross deep water and Yuki hated deep water so it was only natural to hate boats. She looked up at the Ralts resting its head on hers and smiled. “We made it Gem, you can open your eyes now..” Gemini who had been feeling the fear from her Trainer had had her eyes covered in fear the whole way to land. Yuki took her in her arms and smiled. “Rensei Academy here we co-“ She stoped short when she looks up to she a rather large hill leading to a small black dot she assumes was the Academy. “This may take a while..” She says as they both let out a soft sigh at the same time.

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Re: Yuki Seito

Post by Princess Sarah on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:32 am


OMGOSH, heart transplants are so poetic ^v^

At any rate, I approve of thee. Now go slaughter the other tra- I mean, make new friends and have awesome adventures with them ^v^
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