Elena Anna

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Elena Anna

Post by Celeste Valacari on Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:25 am

Basic Info
Character Name: Anna, Elena
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
DOB: April 27
Age: 10
Rank: Level 4
Major: Trainer

Physical Description

Height: 4' 01"
Weight: 55 lbs
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: bright violet
Build: small and slight, like a bird about to take wing.
Tattoos/Piercings: She has her ears pierced, if that counts.
Other: N/A

Likes: Cake, candy, "cute" pokemon, dancing
Dislikes: strife, "scary" pokemon, Team Rocket
Goals: To get all sixteen badges of the Kanto-Johto region
Fears: Losing her pokemon, seeing others getting hurt
Other: Elena loves pokemon with all of her big heart. She's very shy and only speaks when she feels absolutely comfortable.

Background Information
Birthplace: Lavender Town
Known Relatives: N/A
Friends/Allies: Sora Nicolita
Enemies/Rivals: N/A

Emma--Skitty, female, lvl 10

Rebecca--Chikorita, female, lvl 10

Lacey--Musharna, female, lvl 10

NEW POKEMON--Fleur--Flabébé, lvl 10

Notes Lacey is rather small for a Musharna, at 85.9 lbs and 2' 03". Emma's fur has a slight purple tint to it, as well. Fleur is one of the pink varieties of Flabebes.

History: Elena was born in Lavender Town in Kanto. She was always teased at school for being small and shy, sending her home crying and depressed. She was so tiny and fragile that her parents worried that she could hurt herself with the spiteful words thrown her way. When she was six, her mother caught a Skitty for her, to be something to which the shy girl could return when she was sad. Emma became her best friend, and the kids at school stopped bugging her, as she was the first of her age to receive and begin training a pokemon.

It was at the age of nine that Elena realized that she wanted to become a trainer. With a bit of luck and two very friendly other pokemon, she defeated the nearest gym leader, Sabrina, in Saffron City. It was in the hustling and bustling city that she decided that she wanted to get all the badges that she could, but she realized that she would need more than luck to become a good trainer.

Elena took her new companions and departed to the Rensei Pokemon Academy,  where she met another shy girl two years her senior. The two became fast friends.

Additional Info
Sample RP:  Elena sat at the fountain, Emma purring quietly as she stroked her pokemon. Elena kept her eyes down, trying not to attract notice, which was not very hard. She was so small and quiet, no one noticed her as they walked by.

Sometimes, she resented the invisibility, but for now, it was a good cover. These other trainers were big.

"Do you need any help?" an older trainer asked, looking concernedly at the small trainer. She shook her head quickly, summoning a smile.

"I'm okay," she said quietly. "Thank you."


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Re: Elena Anna

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