Krat Clare

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Krat Clare

Post by Gaffey on Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:12 am

Basic Info
Character Name: Clare, Krat
Nickname/Alias: Rat.
Gender: Male
DOB: October 31st
Age: 17
Rank: Rank 4
Major: Trainer

Physical Description

Height: 6,6
Weight: 149 pounds
Hair Color: Flame Orange
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Build: he has your average teen build
Tattoos/Piercings: N/A
Other: N/A

Likes: Fire, Darkness, The Moon, Dark Type Pokemon, Fire Type Pokemon, Skateboarding.
Dislikes: Water, Light, The Sun,  Physic Type Pokemon, Water Type Pokemon, Love.
Goals: To travel everywhere
Fears: Being killed
Other: Krat is a ignorant, idiotic, kind, loving, fool. he will risk a leg and arm for his pokemon and hates to leave them in pokeballs, he loves to skateboard and often shows off (but not alot)

Background Information
Birthplace: Kanto
Known Relatives: None
Friends/Allies: His Pokemon
Enemies/Rivals: Everyone Else
Heatmor Lvl 9 Aka Mr. Infuego
Scraggy Lvl 10 Aka Crank
Sableye Lvl 10 Aka Sable
Notes None
History: Krat was almost literally born to the academy his mother was a breeder there and his father a trainer they had met whilst lost in the moutains somewhere, his first pokemon was a female Sableye he called Sable she was perfect for him they bonded so quickly it surprised everyone they never left each others side and were with each other every living second they were stuck like glue. He than got hos Scraggy Crank and Mr. Infuego his Heatmor, he would train everyliving second with his pokemon making sure that they had fun and that they never lost fate. One day his parents decided to sign him up for the same academy that they had been in the Rensi academy after everythign was and ordered Krat was sent off to the acade. At first he wasn't even liked and was bullied on occasions but he didn't mind he didn't have friends but the only friends he needed was his pokemon he was often called rat because they thought that was mean...he actually liked the name.

Additional Info
Sample RP: Krat looked up into the night sky and sighed as the sun settled down and the night sky and stars came up Sable, Crank and Mr. Infuego were cuddled up against him sleeping soundly as the sounds of the wild pokemon could be heard from afar Krat looked at the ground and sighed he than layed back against the tree trunk of a tree behind him and slept.


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Re: Krat Clare

Post by Princess Sarah on Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:19 am

I would suggest you give him a goal in life, even if it's something as simple as just being the best of the best, though that's merely a suggestion.

Other than that, I can only really say that the info about him is rather brief, maybe add a little bit more fancy stuff.

Also, your missing a fancy little word at the bottom ^o^

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