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Argo Flare

Post by Gaffey on Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:04 pm

Basic Info
Character Name: Flare, Argo.
Nickname/Alias: Flare
DOB: October, 31st.
Age: 15
Rank: Rank 4
Major: Doctor

Physical Description

Height: 5,9
Weight: 120 Lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Lavender.
Build: Normal
Tattoos/Piercings: none
Other: He has glasses cause he has a sight problem,

Likes: Electric, Fire, Dragon and Flying type pokemon. Storms, Warm fires.
Dislikes: Dark, Hurt Pokemon, His Shadow, Other people,
Goals: Get over all his fears.
Fears: others Starring at him. (Scopophobia)
Other: Argo is a shy guy and will hardly talk to other people he kinda blends in with the crowd which is good for his stealth he has Scopophobia or the fear of being stared at which has alot of disadvantages that make him a easy target tho shy he is also a great companion like a shield that always got your back if he likes you he protects you no matter how fearful it makes him. He always protects those who need protecting tho he may be as scared as hell he never backs down.

Background Information
Birthplace: Kalos
Known Relatives: None
Friends/Allies: His pokemon
Enemies/Rivals: His fear and everyone else
-Electrike, Male, Lvl 8, Name= Trooper
Moves: Thunder Wave, Tackle, Thunder Fang, Crunch.
-Noibat,Female,Lvl 7 Name= Ella
Moves: Supersonic, Leech Life, Fly, Toxic.
-Fennekin, Female,Lvl 10 Name= Amaria
Moves: Scratch, Ember, Psyshock, Tail Whip.
Trooper: Larger than normal Electrike
Ella: Has a hole in her left wing
Amaria: Has a birthmark on her chest in the shape of a star.
Argo grew up in a city at the Kalos region he had a sight problem and had to wear glasses he never got to go outside cause his parents would tell him of all the dangers. when he was ten he got his starter pokemon, Amaria but his parents wouldn't even let him go alone than they finally let him go out on his own out into the world by that time he was scared of almost everything and had a serious case of Scopophobia or the fear of being stared at. He was later enrolled into a school where he was bullied constantly maybe cause of his glasses or Scopophobia or that he made straight A's but not wanting to be bullied anymore he started "watching" others to try and blend into the crowd.

At the age of 13 he became that guy no one knew he blended into the crowds so well it was like he wasn't even there, one day when he was walking home he came across a injured Noibat that had a hole in it's wing with out even thinking about it he had gotten home Noibat clenched close to himself he didn't stop by his parents he didn't even look their way he just rushed up the stairs to his room where he started to fix up the Noibat the best he could, after a half hour he had finished the Noibat sound asleep on his bed.

The Noibat never left him that day even when he tried to let it go it just wouldn't so he decided to keep it and call her Ella and they stayed together along with Amaria never leaving each others side he than graduated from school. He was happy to be out of school but what he didn't know was that his mother and father had decided to enroll him in Pokemon Rensei Academy for doctor training apparently his parents had watched him heal the Noibat. he was instantly brought there were he spent two years at the Academy it was just the same as his other school so he stuck with blending in with the crowd he found his third pokemon a Electrike on his second year third month captured and named it Trooper.

Additional Info
Sample RP: Argo looked around himself to make sure no one was watching him before he took out a bag lunch and started eating it. He was outside the school sitting down on the grass earth underneath him the wind makeing a slight breeze that blew the grass to and fro like a calming ocean he took a deep breath and sighed "all alone" he said in a silent glad voice. He than took another bite out of his lunch a sandwich that he made in a haste so it was just a piece of bread with cheese on it. Not much but it would satisfy him for the rest of the school day...he had alot of hiding to do.


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Re: Argo Flare

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